Abandoned, abused, bleeding and or hungry!

This is yet another story of the once ‘pet animals’, found in every city and any rural area of Bulgaria.

However, Andy and Jean are doing their best to take care of around 15 to 20 cats and 4 to 6 dogs at almost any one time, as some are luckily fostered by them for a while and then sent to places like Germany where they are placed with pre-allocated families.

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Follow us for some of our stories and progression on a sad but wonderful journey, not just of our efforts but also those of other expats, charities and vets in our region.

Why the problem?

This is a massive problem for countries with low income levels, lack of real and permanent employment, lack of education and an uneducated upbringing, thus also the same goes for any combination of this too.

Working the loop.

This is a big expense and we need to ask for any financial help where we can, as otherwise it is from our own savings that we fund whatever we do. (This goes for the others mentioned herein that also do so much to help the end result). So here is the link to do what you can to help us help the animals – and we thank you in advance!

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On with the stories!

Now let us see some pictures and tell you some stories all about our little “zoo”!